How does it work?

KptnCook is a mobile app for curated recipe-based grocery shopping with step-by-step cooking pictures.  Aim is to motivate people for daily cooking, while reducing the hustle around grocery shopping. It offers three new recipes already paired with shopping lists every day. The recipes contain real products and prices from different supermarkets.

In the future, KptnCook will enable in-app purchases of recipes, and we work on B2B partnerships with retailers and brand producers offering them a mobile-to-local marketing platform.


At this point, the service is still tested. The app is available for the German and US market.  


The app is free, ingredients  for the recipes range between 6 and 12 euro's

Company Info

Founded: 2013

Founders: Polina Marchenko, Alex Reeg, Eva Hoefer

HQ: Berlin, Germany 

Adres: Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin, Germany 


Company Video