Hello Fresh

 The Hello Fresh box

The Hello Fresh box

Hello Fresh is a meal planning and shopping platform, sends recipes and the required ingredients for subscribers to prepare them.

How does it work?

Buyers can buy boxes, which contain ingredients for 3 or 5 meals a week. There are different types of boxes that can be ordered, like: a 'classic' box, a fruit box,  a family box, a box for vegetarians or a trial version.  


Hello Fresh is available in the US, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, UK and Austria. 


Between 8,50 and 11,50 euros (per person per day) for the standard 'Original Box'

Company Info

Founded: 2012

Founders: Dominik Richter 

HQ: New York, NY


64 West 3rd Street #202,

New York, NY 10012

Website: www.hellofresh.com

Company Video 

HelloFresh: how it works