Northweek Sunglasses – Customizable Eyewear Design from Spain

Barcelona, Spain: Northweek Sunglasses is a small startup founded in May 2013, in Barcelona, by two college students, Alex Huertas and Hector Rey. Their goal, at that time, was to provide consumers with the ability to create their own sunglasses, and this is exactly what they achieved.

What does Northweek Sunglasses offer? Mainly customizable sunglasses in trendy fashion styles, an adventure in color and form that cannot be found anywhere else. With the hipster trends on the rise, it is not unusual that the small Barcelona startup managed to amass a large fan base within a very short time range.

Even more, these trendy shades are offered at competitive prices, which is not something for competition to take lightly. Recently, the company made public the first fiscal achievements. 100,000 pairs of Northweek Sunglasses were shipped to customers during the last year, and the company revenue is estimated at 2 million Euros. As the initial investment in the startup was just 6,000 Euros, it is easy to understand why Northweek Sunglasses is considered one of the best success stories this year.

The founders of the trendy company have no intention to stop here. While they know great popularity in their home country, they also plan to expand on international markets, as well. Their sunglasses are sold in other European countries, such as Germany, Italy and France. They also crossed the ocean to sell their colorful shades in Uruguay, Colombia, and Chile, starting this September.

With a focus on fashion and new trends, complemented by the possibility to customize your own sunglasses, it appears that Northweek Sunglasses success won’t stop anytime soon.