The Future of Sleeping: Dreem helps you fight Insomnia with the help of Tech

Are you struggling to sleep and willing to fight it with the help of tech? Then Dreem headband from a company called Rythm (Paris,FR)  might be something for you!

Most connected devices for improving sleep quality, merely analyze and provide statistics based on which the user is supposed to undertake action. The Dreem however wants to take it a step further and actively engage with the struggling sleeper. 

Deep Sleep 

Graph of a person's sleep. The deep sleep stage in clear blue.

Graph of a person's sleep. The deep sleep stage in clear blue.

The headband incorporates sensors that analyze (EEG) brain waves in real time. With the help of algorithms of the mobile (IOS) app, Dreem will intervene during the deep sleep of the person wearing it, by emitting sounds in order to improve the quality of the sleep. Apart from this, stats and graphs about the sleep are provided as well. 

Perfect Waking Time 

The Dreem headband has another advantage: it allows the wearer to wake smoothly at the time of his choice by waking them up at the perfect time, to avoid that feeling of numbness we all know from being woken up when still sleeping to tight.

Bone Conduction

Finally, the band should not interfere with the environment since signals are transmitted through bone connection, nor should it bother the user as it’s is wireless and has a thin and light structure. It also does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth waves.


The Dreem headband will be marketed later this year at 349 euros according to the official website, . The most interested can sign up now for may be part of Dreem First program and test the first version of the product.

Watch the video below