iBeacons for Directories: German Yellow Pages' App Update

Frankfurt, Germany: Beacon technology seems to be here to stay, as more and more businesses are running tests to experiment with the new way of attracting customers living in a digital era to brick and mortar venues in the real world. The last to jump the band wagon seems to be the German Yellow Pages that has recently updated the directory’s apps for all devices, to prepare the upcoming implementation of iBeacon.

The last previous major update for the German Yellow Pages apps was operated in February 2014. In their quest of offering a solid experience to end users, the directory is trying to make more up to date information available, so that users are not mislead in regards to where certain businesses or venues are located and what they offer.

During the previous update, the directory changed the business model entirely by allowing customers to enter their own information, in order to supplement the already existing one. Other functionalities were also added, such as the possibility to order food via the Yellow Pages apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, and to identify ATMs from their preferred banks within close proximity.

Other functionalities were also added with the announcement for the implementation of beacon technology. Users can now schedule medical appointments, and make hotel room and restaurant table reservations using the updated app.

All the apps for the various devices are available for free on their respective markets, so any German citizen interested in using them can do so by simply installing on their digital devices.