Grocery Shopping in the 21st Century: Metro Intends to Introduce Emma’s Enkel Across Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany: Innovation knows no boundaries when it comes to shaping up the world we live in today. Food startups are popping up around the globe, with a certain more positive evolution in Germany, where Emma’s Enkel makes grocery shopping a breeze. Concept stores are no longer a novelty, and shopping with your smartphone using QR codes to have your online order delivered by your door later the same day is not unusual. Emma’s Enkel offers this possibility for grocery shopping, the Dusseldorf startup already being present in their native city and Essen.

With the help of a shopping app that connects users’ smartphones with the virtual stores belonging to Emma’s Enkel, the mom and pops shop model that takes grocery shopping to the 21st century, consumers are basically using the so called ‘dead’ times like when they are commuting back home, or waiting in line, to order all their food ingredients.

Emma’s Enkel intended to expand to Berlin, besides Dusseldorf and Essen, but soon enough, the virtual shops will be present all over Germany. By acquiring 15% of Emma’s Enkel shares, Metro Group makes a smart move and plans to expand the virtual shelves in all areas where their stores are present.

Metro representatives say that they intend to use Emma’s Enkel as a complement store in their Real chain of supermarkets. With consumers becoming more and more tech-oriented, shopping with their smartphones becomes reality. Metro Group intends to offer their customers the possibility to shop both offline and online, by including Emma’s Enkel virtual shops in their stores.