BriteShoes Lets Customers Design Their Own Footwear

Salamanca, Spain: “One size fits all” no longer satisfies customers who are looking for something closer to their needs and preferences. A trend called customization was born from this shift in the market, and now, a small startup from Salamanca, Spain, joins the club with a new initiative: customizing shoes in style, shape and size, so customers will never regret ordering their footwear online.

The shoes customized by BriteShoes use a 3D configurator to create the design the customer wants. From dangerously high heels to wacky ornaments and fancy colors, everything can be decided by the customer. The ultimate goal is to obtain a pair of unique, personalized shoes that the buyer will not see worn by someone else on the street.

How does it work? 

  1. The user selects one of the 7 basic shoe types offered on the website.  
  2. She is able to customize up to 5 parts of the shoe: top, bottom, strap, ankle and heel. Colors and patterns can be chosen from a palette. The size of the heel can also be adjusted to ones wishes.
  3. There are options to zoom in on the shoe, to turn it around and of course to share it on social meda
  4. After the user has designed her shoe, she can easily order it online. Shipment is free.

See some pictures of the user experience below: 

All shoes and handcrafted in Spain and the company intends to donate 1.50 Euros for every pair sold to help research for breast cancer cure and treatments.

Customization in Spain 

This is not, by far, the sole initiative of the kind. Another Spanish startup, Northweek, located in Barcelona, recently managed to sell over 100,000 of customized glasses over the course of just one year. Customized shoes are quite the rage, as another company, Scarosso, has recently attracted 11 million dollars in funding to expand globally.

Other Spanish start-ups that offer customization are Furnit-U (furniture) and Estampable ( Home decoration). In an earlier post we argued why this customization trend takes place in Spain: