Bitcoin Continues to Conquer Arnhem with the First Supermarket to Accept the Online Currency

Arnhem, The Netherlands: For many people in the Netherlands, or outside the country’s borders, Arnhem is most probably known as the city where tourists can admire the Open Air Museum with its quaint windmills and farmhouses. However, more recently, the city has earned a rather interesting nickname: the most Bitcoin-friendly city in the world.

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Paying with Real Money for Online Purchases? German Start Up Barzahlen Makes It Possible

Berlin: Online shopping continues to grow year after year, but paying with virtual cash – that will be deducted from your very real credit card – is something that makes a large category of buyers jittery. No matter how enhanced and evolved security systems are, there is always a possibility for your credit card information to land in the wrong hands. German start up Barzahlen or, better said its founders, Florian Swoboda, Achim Bönsch and Sebastian Seifert, decided that it is time for consumers and retailers alike to have an alternative.

How does Barzahlen work? Just like any online shoppers, consumers go to online shops and decide what they want to purchase. When the checkout has to be finalized, they only need to choose Barzahlen from the payment options, and a payment form is delivered as a text message to their phones.



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Sending money with a Tweet

Paris, France: S-money, a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, announced  that from October this year, users will be able to send money to one another  simply by tweeting to  @user to whom they wish to send money. The recipient does not even need to be a S-Money user.

The service will  be available in France only . Via the S-Money smartphone application, users can select the amount of money they wish to transfer, as well as the recipient, and, assuming you know the recipient’s Twitter handle, you can send them a unique URL allowing them to retrieve their money.

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Dutch Company InBeacon Brings Apple Pay to Europe

Amsterdam: With Apple releasing Apple Pay, its new mobile payment option last week, it is quite obvious that the world waits for the new gimmick to revolutionize the way we pay for things, just the way iTunes and the iPod changed the way we listen to music years ago.

While the system is already being implemented by large companies in the US like Disney and Starbucks in the US, Europe needs to wait until at least 2015, before it can use Apple. However, the industry is get ready for Apple Pay..

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