Albert Heijn's one-hour delivery test: what do consumers expect?

Leading Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn recently started a test offering one-hour deliveries. Offering this service seems a logical step for the supermarket, enabling them to meet new consumer shopping preferences while at the same time making use if the existing network of supermarkets. How do consumers feel about this service and will they use it? 

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Inbeacon wants to create Netherlands' largest beacon network

According to founder Remco Bron, Amsterdam based Inbeacon is planning to create the largest beacon network in the Netherlands. They partner up with Exterion Media in order to do so.

By incorporating the beacons in busstops, Exterion wants to gather all kinds of data of users that interact with advertisments with their smartphone. After a succesfull initial test last year together with publisher TMG involving 350 beacons in 3 dutch cities, the aim is to grow to 6000 so-called touch points.       

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How do consumers value fresh food meal kits?

Fresh food meal kit delivery services (also known as ’meal kit companies’ or ‘food boxes’) have become a multi-hundred-million euro business in Europe. Berlin based HelloFresh, founded in 2011, grew out to be market leader in mainland Europe and has expanded services to the US and Australia already selling fifty million meals on a yearly basis. The company was valued at 2,6 billion euro in 2015 and is planning an IPO in the near future. 

Fresh food meal kit market report 

The concept and it’s explosive growth have been much debated over the last year. Little is known about how consumers value these meal kits. In order to better understand the consumer part of the story we studied the meal kit market in the Netherlands, one of the most mature markets for meal kits. We focussed on how consumers experience and value meal kits.

How do consumers value meal kits? 

For our  report, behavioral research company Veylinx performed a consumer valuation research, among 1,084 Dutch consumers. They tested what people are really willing to pay for meal kits. By comparing the results for different meal kits, we were able to understand consumers’ perceived value and how it relates to their characteristics, purchase history and brand awareness. 

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Cocktail Professor Helps Bars and Liquor Brands Reach the High Shelf

Amsterdam/The Netherlands: There is something intricately interesting and exciting about cocktails that people everywhere love. Some cocktail recipes are international, and they have traveled the world to be enriched by local flavors and evolve into new versions. A bartender’s skill, and even more, a venue’s reputation are strongly linked to how many cocktails are available on the menu, and, more often, their uniqueness and flavor.

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TripAdvisor Makes a Stand in Europe by Acquiring IENS, a Dutch Restaurant Review Site

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: TripAdvisor may be a big name in the US, its home country, where it was among the first websites to consolidate its popularity by offering users the possibility to generate content on travel related issues, but in Europe, it still needs to make a stand. Without a doubt, a lot of US travelers choose to consult TripAdvisor on their travel choices, since there is so much user generated content on hotels, restaurants, sights and more that they would be hard pressed to find no information on what they are looking for. Nonetheless, TripAdvisor needs to up its game, and to do so, it has just acquired IENS, the well known Dutch restaurant review site. What is even more important for TripAdvisor, IENS comes in the same package with, a website dedicated to booking reservations at restaurants.

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RTL Couverts Consolidates Its Market Position by Acquiring Dinnersite

Amsterdam, the NetherlandsPeople nowadays are using online tools to purchase goods, book flights, hotel rooms, and get reservations at restaurants, without having to go through the hassle of booking over the phone. Cutting the red tape is the main argument why so many customers prefer this business model over the traditional ways of booking a ticket or a place at a restaurant. Many prefer using an app on their smartphone to solve all these issues, and it is not by accident that the biggest players on the market are expanding and consolidating their positions through mergers and acquisitions. In the world of booking reservations at restaurants, the latest move was made by Couverts, an online reservation portal from RTL Ventures that has just acquired Dinnersite, the biggest online guide for restaurants in the Netherlands.

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Fashion Library Opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The clothing industry is one of the biggest in the world. Employing millions of workers, and a large consumer of resources, it continuously makes an impact on the environment. Different solutions are emerging to make clothes more environmentally friendly, from garments created from recycled materials, to the brand new Fashion Library Lena recently opened on Westerstraat, in Amsterdam.

This is the first venue of the kind opened by Suzanne Smulders, one of the founders of the new clothing library. If this experiment proves to be a success, many others may emerge.

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BitStraat equips Dutch merchants with Bitcoin POS terminals

Dutch startup BitStraat has launched a project aimed at turning Amsterdam into Bitcoin City, providing one hundred merchants with a free tablet-based POS terminal they can use to process mobile payments made using the virtual currency.

BitStraat has partnered with payment processor BitPay to launch the service. Fifteen retailers have signed up for the Bitcoin City project so far and the partners expect to reach their target of one hundred merchants by the end of February 2015

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Bitcoin Continues to Conquer Arnhem with the First Supermarket to Accept the Online Currency

Arnhem, The Netherlands: For many people in the Netherlands, or outside the country’s borders, Arnhem is most probably known as the city where tourists can admire the Open Air Museum with its quaint windmills and farmhouses. However, more recently, the city has earned a rather interesting nickname: the most Bitcoin-friendly city in the world.

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Beacon Case: treasure hunting in the city of Amsterdam

Beacon Case: treasure hunting in the city of Amsterdam

Social gifting app Treatz used the popular Sinterklaas event in Amsterdamto promote the use of their app: during the Saint Nicholas ‘intocht’, Treatz app users were able to take part in a treasure hunt. They received clues (ibeacon triggered push messages) on their Iphone that led them to places where presents were handed out. 

For Treatz it was the second time to employ beacons to promte their app . Earlier this year they took part in the Amsterdam shop route providing free beacons to participating shops. 

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Flora Holland Trade Fair Experiments with iBeacon – Offline Retails Businesses Made Personal Once More

The offline retail business is in suffering; with so much online shopping going on, it is clear that brick and mortar stores have taken a big hit. However, the situation is about to change, as the implementation of iBeacon technology in such real life stores can draw more visitors and link their online experience, ever present on their smartphones, with what is happening before their very eyes.

At least, this is what the most recent iBeacon experiment related to offline retail is trying to state. FloraHolland Trade Fair, held at the beginning of November in Aalsmeer, proved to be quite a surprising experience to visitors through the implementation of iBeacon technology.


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Retail Search Engine Voradius Gets New Round of Financing

Amsterdam: Online shopping is a reality for most Internet users. Whether you want to purchase a digital or a physical product, you often turn to the old trusted World Wide Web for info, such as where to find it and how much it costs. The Dutch search engine Voradius, launched in April last year, was designed with the needs of Internet shoppers in mind. First launched in the Amsterdam area, where no less than 14,000 retail stores are connected to the platform, the engine has big expansion plans.

Just recently, Voradius has received a new round of financing, and, besides the initial investor, Javest Growth Investment, new players are getting a place at the table. However, Voradius representatives keep silent about these investors’ names, and no official data has been released regarding the amount invested during this second round.


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Dutch Couponing app Scoupy introduces Cash-back feature

Amsterdam: Scoupy, the Dutch mobile couponing app, that claims to have more than 750.000 registered users, launched a so-called cash back system. Users receive their cashback within 48 hours, directly from the advertiser. Wilkinson Sword will be the first partner. Scoupy claims no promotional packages will be needed this way.

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Phillips Intelligent Lighting System to outperform iBeacons?

Eindhoven, the Netherlands: Whenever a new technology is born, competitors appear right away. At least this is the case with iBeacon and the ‘nearable’ devices already stemmed from the opportunities offered. The first competitor to iBeacon seems to be Philips, the company recently presenting an intelligent lighting system at an innovation showcase held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

How does Philips want to compete with iBeacon? The lighting system is created in such a manner that it can transmit information on people’s smartphones, as they walk around shops, museums, or office buildings. The purpose of the new technology is to enhance customers’ shopping experience, by showing exactly where certain areas of interest are, or providing them with the latest offers.

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Ibeacon in Airports: Hamburg and Amsterdam (Cases)

Hamburg/ Amsterdam: Navigating an airport and boarding a flight can be a grueling experience. Instead of asking for directions left and right, when you know there are minutes before you should board, you should turn towards your trusted smartphone and see what it has to say. Of course, that if you happen to be in one of the – so far – few airports in the world where the beacon technology has arrived and is being implemented to make travelers’ experience nothing but a breeze. With Virgin Atlantic and easyJet breaking the ice in Europe with their innovative apps that help travelers navigate through airports such as Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick and Charles de Gaulle, it was only a matter of time until others would jump the bandwagon.

In Germany, a new startup called Yoints has just launched its beacon technology app in the Hamburg Airport, while at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines makes it easier for transfer flights to happen with a new navigation system.

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Dutch Company InBeacon Brings Apple Pay to Europe

Amsterdam: With Apple releasing Apple Pay, its new mobile payment option last week, it is quite obvious that the world waits for the new gimmick to revolutionize the way we pay for things, just the way iTunes and the iPod changed the way we listen to music years ago.

While the system is already being implemented by large companies in the US like Disney and Starbucks in the US, Europe needs to wait until at least 2015, before it can use Apple. However, the industry is get ready for Apple Pay..

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Two Million Euros in Funding for Dutch Couponing App Scoupy

Amsterdam: Today Dutch couponing app Scoupy announced that one of its two main investors  Netwerk VSP will sell its shares to the other shareholders Sanoma Ventures and Gennie Freen Productions. The latter two will jointly invest 2 million euros to speed-up growth. It has not been disclosed at what price the Netwerk VSP exit was valued.

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SanomaVentures invests in Locals United

Amsterdam: Locals United offers local brick & mortar stores a platform that enables online sales, by providing them their a webshop environment and accommodating for matters such as product pictures, payments and logistics. Locals United also offers support for online promotion.

In return for a monthly membership subscription, physical stores can add 3 plug & play sales channels to their operations:

  • a web shop under their own domain name,
  • a shop on their Facebook page
  • and their own shop-in-shop at
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