The succes of Dean&David: Healthy Food for the Go

If you live in German, Austria or Switzerland, you are probably familiar with the Dean&David restaurants. This is a company that started as the first salad bar in Munich back in 2007. Nowadays, it is the most successful healthy fast food franchise in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Everything began in 2005, when its founder, David Baumgartner, went on a long trip around the world, being the USA, Australia and Asia the most remarkable places for what he was planning to do. What he found in those countries was a quick access to healthy food that was also available anywhere.

It was something that he could not find in Germany back then, so when he came back to Munich, he created Dean&David. At the beginning, he had little to no rest from work since he was the one cutting vegetables, the one cleaning the floor and tables, and the one in charge of financial niches and organizing working schedules.

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Green Guru’s: a win-win using the leftovers

Ever since the trend of startups has erupted, the life of a general human being has improved! Even though they are a bit tormenting for the planner and executors, they make life easier for the customers they are serving! One of such startups gaining momentum in Berlin is Green Guru’s. If you are someone who has decided to change your life and start living healthy, Green Guru is here for your help. We all know that taking the New Year’s resolution to live healthy is easy but actually implementing it is quite difficult. Now, who has the time and energy to sit and plan your meal and actually make all the healthy stuff? Also, a lot of people who have a full time job usually do not find spare time to make the healthy food items. Thus is when Green Guru comes to your assistance. It helps you in living a better life by providing you with the most delicious and well-made salads and smoothies!

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Savedo: a European market place for savings

Saving money at a bank hasn’t been that popular among consumers.  Apart from the fact that many alternatives for saving money have become available, yields on savings at the local bank don’t seem appealing to consumers anymore.

Saving abroad

It could very well be that a foreign bank offers a savings account with a better interest rate.  Most banks limit the availability of savings accounts to inhabitants of that country. Even within the European single market -that  seeks to guarantee the free movement of people, goods, services and capital-  it often proves difficult to open a foreign savings account.

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Rocket Internet's Musical Endeavour

Rocket internet is never sitting still. Among the recent activities of the Germany based incubator, has been the founding of Bandist, an online market place for Musical instruments.   

Business model

Selling musical instruments solely online, has already proven itself as a valid business model by for example Siccas Guitars (Karlsruhe, Germany).  Bandist will however offer its services as a market place: Music shops and private sellers are enabled to open a shop on Bandist and benefit the market place promoting and selling features. According to the Bandist - FAQ, advertising on Bandist will be free of charge. A 5% fee will be imposed on transactions however. 

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The Future of Sleeping: Dreem helps you fight Insomnia with the help of Tech

Are you struggling to sleep and willing to fight it with the help of tech? Then Dreem headband from a company called Rhythm (Paris,FR)  might be something for you!

Most connected devices for improving sleep quality, merely analyze and provide statistics based on which the user is supposed to undertake action. The Dreem however wants to take it a step further and actively engage with the struggling sleeper. 

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Cocktail Professor Helps Bars and Liquor Brands Reach the High Shelf

Amsterdam/The Netherlands: There is something intricately interesting and exciting about cocktails that people everywhere love. Some cocktail recipes are international, and they have traveled the world to be enriched by local flavors and evolve into new versions. A bartender’s skill, and even more, a venue’s reputation are strongly linked to how many cocktails are available on the menu, and, more often, their uniqueness and flavor.

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BriteShoes Lets Customers Design Their Own Footwear

Salamanca, Spain: “One size fits all” no longer satisfies customers who are looking for something closer to their needs and preferences. A trend called customization was born from this shift in the market, and now, a small startup from Salamanca, Spain, joins the club with a new initiative: customizing shoes in style, shape and size, so customers will never regret ordering their footwear online.

The shoes customized by BriteShoes use a 3D configurator to create the design the customer wants. From dangerously high heels to wacky ornaments and fancy colors, everything can be decided by the customer. The ultimate goal is to obtain a pair of unique, personalized shoes that the buyer will not see worn by someone else on the street.

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Online Grocery shop Picnic to be launched in the Netherlands next week

Picnic, the new dutch grocery shop without stores, will be launched next week. The shop will be openened by Amersfoort’s mayor and Maurtis (Prince of Orange). 

Preparations for this concept silently took place over the last 3 years by a team of 30 specialists in retail, innovation and internet. The service has been tested with 150 consumers last summer who, according to co-founder Michiel Muller, have been an great input for further development of the service. Shopping takes place in an app in which people can shop until 11 pm in order to receive their groceries the next day.

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Zalando tests same-day delivery in Germany

European online fashion giant Zalando, is testing same-day delivery in Cologne and Berlin.

At this moment a randomly selected group of German clients, receives some sort of upgrade when they buy online: orders made before 4 pm, will be delivered beteween 7 and 9 pm of that same day.  The client will not be charged for the additional speed. 


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SoySuper (Spain) launches app for shopping lists and price comparison

SoySuper, Spain’s online supermarket aggregator, just launched its new mobile app (IOS /Android).  The app facilitates consumers to make shopping lists and do price comparison. Prices are compared between all of Spain’s new online supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo. Eroski, El Corte Ingles, Hippercor. Caprabo, Condis and DIA). The main goal of the new app is for consumers to easier and faster create shopping lists from their mobile or tablet. The Soysuper website conitinues to be available from all devices, due to its responsive design. The new app adds to the shopping list creation service, by providing the option to enter product searches by voice and by scanning barcodes. A short overview of SoySuper new functionalities:

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Munich, Germany: German online men’s shoe-retailer recently opened its second brick-and-mortar store in the city of Munich. Although their first store was opened in Berlin’s trendy Mitte neighbourhood, the new shop is located in Munich’s old and posh city center, which better fits the Brand’s classic character.     

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Grocery Shopping in the 21st Century: Metro Intends to Introduce Emma’s Enkel Across Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany: Innovation knows no boundaries when it comes to shaping up the world we live in today. Food startups are popping up around the globe, with a certain more positive evolution in Germany, where Emma’s Enkel makes grocery shopping a breeze. Concept stores are no longer a novelty, and shopping with your smartphone using QR codes to have your online order delivered by your door later the same day is not unusual. Emma’s Enkel offers this possibility for grocery shopping, the Dusseldorf startup already being present in their native city and Essen.

With the help of a shopping app that connects users’ smartphones with the virtual stores belonging to Emma’s Enkel, the mom and pops shop model that takes grocery shopping to the 21st century, consumers are basically using the so called ‘dead’ times like when they are commuting back home, or waiting in line, to order all their food ingredients.


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Laundry Service App Makes Dry Cleaning an Easy Task for Londoners

London: Living in a busy world such as ours makes taking care of mundane tasks such as washing clothes a real burden for any working person. Londoners, however, may be among the first fortunate ones to not even bother taking their clothes to laundry services, as a new app aims at making things easier for busy people.

Rocket Internet, the Germany based business incubator with a penchant for new technologies, has just launched ZipJet, a new app available on both Android devices and iOS phones and tablets, that takes care of the much abhorred domestic task for Londoners.

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Is craft beer fueling a local beer revolution in Europe?

Europe has had a long history of brewing beer. With the rise of industrial brewing and internationalization, many traditional breweries disappeared. Lately, things have changed: after a few decades of domination by global beer brands, micro-breweries seem to return, popping up all over Europe again, offering beer drinkers a variety of brewskies they can choose from. What caused these changes and where do  they lead to? 

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Copenhagen/ Denmark: At first glance, it may look like TheFashion is just another portal, where visitors come to fish for an item to wear on their next special or casual occasion. The startup, however, is more than just that, and the business model it uses is unique in its own way.

One of the ideas come to life from Kasper Vardrup’s mind – Vardrup being a well known serial entrepreneur – is geared towards saving women time when shopping online for new fashion. A gripe many shoppers have, especially those interested in high street fashion is that it can be really difficult to find a clothing item that fits both in terms of style and size. Especially in Europe, where about one third of all transactions are made cross-border, more problems can appear regarding shipping, returns, size, pricing and so on.

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European Carpooling Is Taking the World by Storm: the succes stories of Blablacar and

Sustainable economy is a big phrase today and for a good reason. People everywhere are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and Europeans, with their small, efficient cars that travel light in terms of gas consumption, are among the champions. However, there is a step up from sustainable economy that does not even include the creation of new goods, but it does involve the appearance of a new service. Introducing shareconomy, a concept that involves the use of same goods and services by a community of people. One of the biggest examples is, without a doubt, carpooling, a term that conquers vast spaces at the speed of light, with European companies expanding all over the world.

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Zomato Expands to US and Australia, Aims to Feature over One Million Restaurants

Zomato is an online service dedicated to helping people discover great restaurants in their proximity. With its headquarters in India, the service has expanded gradually, aiming to establish itself as a global player on this particular niche.

On Zomato, you can find about restaurants near you, see their menus and learn more about their profiles. Trusted reviews are offered from reputable foodies, and the web 2.0 characteristics of the platform allow users to create their own food diaries and share their experiences with friends.

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TripAdvisor Makes a Stand in Europe by Acquiring IENS, a Dutch Restaurant Review Site

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: TripAdvisor may be a big name in the US, its home country, where it was among the first websites to consolidate its popularity by offering users the possibility to generate content on travel related issues, but in Europe, it still needs to make a stand. Without a doubt, a lot of US travelers choose to consult TripAdvisor on their travel choices, since there is so much user generated content on hotels, restaurants, sights and more that they would be hard pressed to find no information on what they are looking for. Nonetheless, TripAdvisor needs to up its game, and to do so, it has just acquired IENS, the well known Dutch restaurant review site. What is even more important for TripAdvisor, IENS comes in the same package with, a website dedicated to booking reservations at restaurants.

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Westwing ready to take the world

Munich, Germany: It is usually difficult to make a stand against the competition coming from the US when talking about the large domain of home and living products. Westwing is a success story in this regard, as, at the moment, is considered the leading ecommerce platform for home and living outside the States.

Born from an original idea, in 2011, that came to one of the founders, Delia Fischer, when she was still working for Elle, Westwing continues to develop. The Munich startup thrives on the great loyalty of its clients; with over 75% of their sales coming from repeat customers every month, it is clear where the focus of this company is standing.


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