European Food Innovation: Early Taste, Menu Next Door, NaturSnack

Early Taste: Germany’s Breakfast delivery service

Early Taste is a German breakfast delivery service. The company was founded in2015 by Dominik Senk and Steffen Oldenburg (both 29).

Prices for a one person breakfast that can be ordered from their website range from 10- 14 euro per person.

Gruenderszene recently tested the service. Results: There is not a lot to choose from. The food is good and certainly worth waiting for (more than one hour). The prices are rather high compared to what you get for it.

The startup operates in the Ruhr area (Cologne and Düsseldorf) at the moment. Next stop: Berlin. 

Menu Next Door: a food start-up without delivery 

Menu Next Door (Belgium and France)  brings together people who like to experiment home-cooked food and those who like to cook. Menu Next Door is an alternative to existing food start-ups. The difference is that there is no food delivery option: customers have top pick up the food themselves. For the business this means they can operate without having the costs of a fleet of cyclist or drivers. As the meals are also cooked by individuals meal prices aren’t too high: The average price is €10 for a menu including a starter, a dish, and a dessert. The platform that operates in Paris and Brussels was launched in January 2016. It currently contains 900 cooks (both amateur and professional) , and 11,000 users.


The company recently raised €1.75M (almost $2M) in a seed round, from VC firms Index Ventures, Local Globe, Kima Ventures and the Parisian startup accelerator TheFamily. The investments will be used to grow its workforce and to expand (to London)

NaturSnack: dehydrating fruits and vegetables

One of the oldest ways to preserve food is by dehydrating it. Spanish  Startup NaturSnack uses this technique to make snacks. From 2015 the company has been dehydrating vegetables and fruits and selling them as a delicacy. During the process, the ingredients  are heated to 42 degrees (C) for 20 hours, during which they lose about 90% of their weight (water).  

The company is already well known in Spain for their dehydrated cabbage chips. The snacks are especially popular among vegetarians and vegans. Natursnack only works with seasonal ingredients. Most come from Spain.