MainTool makes Classic Watches Smart

 -by Lottie Atkin

Classic watches with Classi straps

Classic watches with Classi straps

In the past five years or so in retail, one of the biggest trends to have gone viral are smartwatches, particularly those that measure our levels of fitness and exercise. From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are obsessed with getting their hands on the latest gadget to improve their exercise and calorie intake.

But what happens when you want to combine fitness with fashion? A lot of the time, smartwatch wearers everywhere want to record their activity levels every single second of the day, meaning not just at the gym, but at work, dates, family events or just generally out and about. The problem with most smartwatch technology is that they’re so obvious - a big, bulky piece of technology strapped to your wrist, making everyone aware that you are wearing one. MainTool have created an ideal concept for both fitness and fashion lovers everywhere.

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They are proud to introduce a brand new solution for the new age dilemma - do I wear my classic watch or do I wear my smartwatch? MainTool have therefore produce Classi, the world’s first leather smart strap for classic watches. It boasts to get the same features as today’s best wearable technology, and to stay connected in style. The strap can be fitted to any watch, and maintains the elegant, timeless appearance of a leather watch strap but contains the technology of a smartwatch. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and sends you discreet notifications and biometric tracking. All the electronic features are even embedded seamlessly inside the leather strap.

 'We’re giving you the chance to keep your own watch but still benefit from the same functionalities as some of the best wearable technologies.’ Co-founder and CEO Hussain Ahamed says in an interview for ReadWrite. The community manager, Jody Serrano, adds ‘Many times, people can’t tell the difference between a Classi strap and a regular watch strap. The new size makes our technology even more discreet.’

Getting a Classi

If the combination of timeless fashion and the latest smartwatch technology is your dream, then this unique start-up might just be for you. You can design and create your very own Classi, and prices range from an affordable $99 all the way through to limited edition $3000 watch straps.