Cocktail Professor Helps Bars and Liquor Brands Reach the High Shelf

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: There is something intricately interesting and exciting about cocktails that people everywhere love. Some cocktail recipes are international, and they have traveled the world to be enriched by local flavors and evolve into new versions. A bartender’s skill, and even more, a venue’s reputation are strongly linked to how many cocktails are available on the menu, and, more often, their uniqueness and flavor.


Cocktail Professor stands for a self entitled International Cocktail Bureau, its aim being to help liquor brands and bars reach a higher level, by satisfying clients’ most exquisite preferences. The website operated by Cocktail Professor is already a source of inspiration for many bartenders with its wide array of cocktail recipes offered via a hip blog.

The website, however, offers more than just a trip full of discoveries in the world of new cocktail recipes. Among the services offered, some such as menu development, taste consultancy and training have to be mentioned. The ultimate goal for Cocktail Professor seems to be, after all, to educate not only the public, but also the providers in a new art that continues to develop.

Cocktail Professor helps bars acquire a new standing with its customers, with marketing tools. If a bar is in need of professional photos of attractive cocktails, social media snippets, and creative brand tools, the website offers all these services to those interested. For cocktail events, bar consultancy and hospitality branding, Cocktail Professor can be contacted by bar owners or event organizers. With the Professor’s help, they can truly up their game and make a new name on the high shelf.