Zomato Expands to US and Australia, Aims to Feature over One Million Restaurants

Zomato is an online service dedicated to helping people discover great restaurants in their proximity. With its headquarters in India, the service has expanded gradually, aiming to establish itself as a global player on this particular niche.

On Zomato, you can find about restaurants near you, see their menus and learn more about their profiles. Trusted reviews are offered from reputable foodies, and the web 2.0 characteristics of the platform allow users to create their own food diaries and share their experiences with friends.

Already present in 19 countries all over the world, such as UK, Brazil, Turkey and many others, with over 300,000 restaurants featured, Zomato aims even higher. The service has just acquired Urbanspoon, another important player, with a well established presence particularly in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

With the new purchase, the number of restaurants users can learn about from Zomato will reach over one million. The number of visitors is also expected to see an important development; currently, Zomato boasts about 35 million visitors monthly, and the number is expected to more than double, at over 80 million visitors each month.

The change will not happen overnight, as Zomato is projecting at least several months of hard work for both teams, at their company and Urbanspoon, to redirect the traffic from one website to another.

Zomato does not intend to stop here. Next year, the platform intends to expand more in Europe, and has plans to invest around 20 million dollars in its expansion.