Beacon test with LOC-Place

 Vienna, Austria: LOC-Place the Austrian location services startup which has been testing their ‘Bluetooth low energy’ channels across different industries in Austria. According to their own admission it has set a precedent of sorts in being the biggest test of its kind anywhere in Europe. In an interview with a location insider of the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) it was announced that the association was supporting a large field test at Vienna where a number of companies were participating. The beacons were installed in Vienna since 25th June.

 Thomas Hinterleithner, the CEO of LOC-Place GmbH, says “If the user clicks on the ad, it brings him in the associated application, where to find more information” LOC Place will also be testing the general acceptance of location based services in the everyday use of the people because there is very little experience with the general public with these new type of technology.

 The press release by Carsten Szameitat the regional director of LBMA says "Our aim is to promote research, education and innovation at the interface of people, places, and media. We expect deep insight into the use of beacon technology. LOC Place offers tours of the field test to the buyers.”