Stadtgestöber: online shopping around the corner

Rostock, Germany: The circumstances look grim for local shops, since people prefer online shopping. This was the premise for a new Android app, developed by the German startup Stadtgestöber, whose founders came with the idea of connecting local retail shops with online marketing.

Connecting advantages

Let’s face it. Shopping in its traditional way still has its charm. No matter how many conveniences online retailers offer, there is nothing like a stroll around the city to visit your favorite venues. Stadtgestöber believes that this type of shopping should continue to be part of our urban cultural experience. On one hand, online shopping offers convenience, a large variety of product and fast delivery. On the other, local shops offer personalized service, instant availability and customer assistance on the spot.

Product offering Stadtgestö

Stadtgestöber therefore thought about combining the two. Shop owners need to have bar codes posted on their windows, so that passersby can scan them and then order online using the app. This way, shoppers can enjoy the advantages of both worlds.

A small scale industry

Mobile and local are two prerequisites of modern shopping. So far, Stadtgestöber implemented the system in Rostock, the startup’s place of birth, but expansion is in progress in Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Leipzig, and other five German cities. Shop owners have to meet middle ground with the innovation presented by Stadtgestöber, but, all in all, this small scale industry promises to become successful in the recent future.