Succes story: My Little Paris – How a Simple Newsletter Can Be Turned into a Business with 14 Million Euros Profit

Content is the bread and butter of many marketers trying to make a living on the World Wide Web. But Fany Péchiodat, a young Parisian with a penchant for identifying the best of luxury shopping in the French capital, managed to do more than a living. She created a success story that can make any content marketer pale with envy. Her simple idea, first implemented in 2008, led to a fully fledged business that now has 14 million Euros profit for the last year. Her secret? A small newsletter written to friends to share secrets of the beloved Paris, its shopping, its venues, its sights and so on.

In the beginning, there was …

My little Paris' Board of Directors: Fany Pichard and Bruno Vuillier

… a girl with a love for sharing her newly found treasures with friends. In 2008, Fany Péchiodat, together with her sister and two friends set up a newsletter to send to other 50 friends about the joys of strolling through the streets of fashionable Paris. They shared everything, from where to go for a romantic date, to where to purchase the latest fashion treatment. Within the first days of sending out her first newsletter, Fany Péchiodat was practically assaulted by requests from women wanting to be added to the list.

Is it all in clever marketing, right?

Now that is a question that many marketers may ask right now. But the truth is Fany and her friends have never thought about content marketing, in the traditional sense, or optimizing their newsletter for search engines, or using other marketing tricks to bring more people on board. Actually, there was no investment in marketing from their part, and they just started monetizing, when luxury brands wanted to be advertised on their newsletter.

As the founder of My Little Paris says, it is all about sharing a small secret with a friend. Their newsletter is personal, funny, quirky, and easy to read.

Numbers today

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From the 50 subscribers the newsletter Fany and her sister wrote the first time had, now there are 1.5 million women wanting to dip into their large bag of Parisian secrets. With 50 employees on location, keeping the same personal feel of the newsletter may sound farfetched. Nonetheless, the founders and workers at My Little Paris manage to deliver the same quality, and the advertisements used are cleverly chosen, so they are always targeted at the right people.

The numbers speak for themselves. With 14 million Euros turnover for the past year, My Little Paris is a veritable powerhouse.

Success in a nutshell

 Non-standard ads on My little Paris website

Non-standard ads on My little Paris website

The opening rate for newsletters in general is 20% at best, but My Little Paris newsletter has an opening rate of 50%, a staggering number compared to anything else. The newsletter takes under one minute to read, it offers just one tip at a time, and it comes with a nice illustration, to make the experience pleasant and fun.

 My little Box explained in on the website. Subscriber's pay 16,90 euros monthly to receive beauty presents from advertisers 

My little Box explained in on the website. Subscriber's pay 16,90 euros monthly to receive beauty presents from advertisers 

Just as an example, My Little Paris managed to convince 80,000 of their subscribers to pay 16.90 Euros monthly to receive a small box containing beauty and fashion products from advertisers.

The now not so little French start-up continues to be successful, and it is expected to expand even more over the next years. That's why last year Publisher Aufeminin bought My Little Paris for almost 70 million euros.