Outfittery: the ultimate online shopping experience for men?

 Anna Alex and Julia Bosch

Anna Alex and Julia Bosch

Berlin: modern folklore is full of anecdotes about how much men hate shopping, even when they have to do it for themselves, and not just accompany their better halves through the aisles filled with shoes and clothes. The truth is, as experts say, men have a much shorter attention span than women when it comes to shopping, so for most of them choosing an outfit is a terrible chore that they would very much like to do without. Men’s shopping nightmares proved to be food for thought for two German entrepreneurs, Anna Alex and Julia Bosch, who, in 2011, decided to create an online curated shopping service for men and men only.

Who is Outfittery?

The idea behind Outfittery was simple, yet complicated in nature. When the two founders started their online service, the web was already swarming with online retailers, as it is today. However, Anna Alex and Julia Bosch thought about putting a twist to men’s fashion and shopping on the high street, in order to transform the well known chore into something fast, convenient and highly fashionable.

What does Outfittery do?

Outfittery offers customers the ability to customize outfits, based on pricing and brands, while offering suggestions for combinations that will have a high chance to fit the man ordering online.

People are asked to fill in an online form including  their sizes, color and style preferences and their budget. They can even leave picture to complete it. So-called style-experts use this information to select a set of items the user can buy.  The advice is fully free of charge and websites users can even schedule a telephone conversation with one of the experts.  

 Outfittery's shopping process made simple: 1) fill in your preferences 2) get your personal free advice 3) try at home (source: outfitters.de website) 

Outfittery's shopping process made simple: 1) fill in your preferences 2) get your personal free advice 3) try at home (source: outfitters.de website) 

From the 100 employees the company has now, 50 are female stylists, who are assigned to serve as personal guides to men trying to find their way throughout online fashion.

Featuring 150 high street brands on their virtual shelves, Outfittery is aiming big. Besides the personable service offered throughout the shopping process, they also offer special packaging and notes from stylists to help customers design their style better.

Berlin Start-up of 2012

With just two years of history under its belt, Outfittery may look too ambitious in providing men with the best way to shop online. However, the idea of offering clients the possibility to have complete outfits delivered to their doors with zero headaches and shopping mileage was rewarded in 2012 with the best start-up award.

What’s even more important, shipping is free of charge, which means that Outfittery counts on making one time customers become loyal to the curated shopping service. And, by the looks of it, it works, since the company has already served 100,000 customers to this day and it is still counting.

13 million Euros raised for expanding

The start-up founders have very ambitious plans for the immediate future, as well. Already operating in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, at the beginning of 2014, Outfittery raised 13 million Euros for expanding their business to other European countries.

With important partners, such as Holtzbrinck Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners, and High-Tech Gründerfonds, it looks like the sky is the limit for Outfittery. Current expansion plans include markets in other four European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Invited at important high profile events for start-ups such as Lange Nacht der Startups (Long Night of the Start-ups), scheduled for September 6th, in Berlin, Outfittery continues its dream of helping men shop for clothes without having to leave their homes and without having to worry that their new purchases won’t fit.