Carrefour launches mobile app to guide you to your shopping list, literally!

French retail giant Carrefour has launched two new services that are trending and are designed to make the shopping experience at the hypermarkets more than just shopping.

The first one is the revolutionary C-ou mobile app which offers in-house geo location services with the help of low energy beacons of Bluetooth signals. Currently this new piece of technology is being tested at its flagship store Villeneuve La Garenne, northwest of Paris.

These Bluetooth beacons can guide the shopper inside the store with an accuracy of 2 meters. So consumers can now scan barcodes or find recipes at home and be guided with the help of these beacons to the exact product location in the store marked in their list by using a customized route. This also provides a location based profile of customer coupons and other information.

Woman using in Carrefour shop

Woman using in Carrefour shop

 The second launch is closely connected to their current policy of consumer based products. ‘’ offers the power of customization to the consumer. They can customize things like sweatshirts, mugs, mobile covers, cushions, etc. There is also an offer to pick up the finished product from the store or get it delivered to their house.