Laundry Service App Makes Dry Cleaning an Easy Task for Londoners

London: Living in a busy world such as ours makes taking care of mundane tasks such as washing clothes a real burden for any working person. Londoners, however, may be among the first fortunate ones to not even bother taking their clothes to laundry services, as a new app aims at making things easier for busy people.

Rocket Internet, the Germany based business incubator with a penchant for new technologies, has just launched ZipJet, a new app available on both Android devices and iOS phones and tablets, that takes care of the much abhorred domestic task for Londoners.

Zipjet: Laundry and drycleaning made easy

Zipjet: Laundry and drycleaning made easy

Basically, everything is at the user’s fingertips. You only need to arrange a time and a place for pick up, and someone will come to collect your clothes. The fastest you can book a slot is half an hour, and your clothes are washed, dried, folded and ironed within 24 hours. The on demand service app also offers you the possibility to check your order status and you can also choose what kind of services you need.

The service comes at a reasonable price, too. For a shirt perfectly laundered and ironed, you need to pay 1.75 £, while 6 kilograms of clothes – washed and folded – amount to 12.50 £. In case you are in a hurry, and you need your suit to be dry cleaned in record time, you only need to wait 24 hours and pay a fee of 10 £.

For now, the service is in an experimental stage, and only inhabitants of a small area in London can benefit for it.