Melijoe - design clothing for kids - receives New Investments to Expand Globally

Paris: Parents with a high sense of fashion do not have to settle for dressing their kids from regular stores. Melijoe, a luxury e-tailer for kids, started in 2007, by Nathalie Christen-Genty, makes it possible for these parents and their off-springs to shop in style.

What makes Melijoe different in a world full of e-commerce shops aiming to satisfy the most demanding tastes, even when it comes to kids? The e-tailer offers the same fashionista oriented experience as high street fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue offer for adults. Among the brands featured by Melijoe, Tartine et Chocolat, Cacharel for kids, and Burberry for kids, are a few of the many worth mentioning.

The elite selection is not the only aspect recommending Melijoe. The e-tailer offers shopping info, editorials, news and trend reports through their Le Magazine, a digital newsletter containing everything fashionable parents with fashionable kids need to know. Parents, however, do not prefer Melijoe to the competition solely for this; the e-tailer has managed so far to conquer their hearts by offering practicality and convenience along with the information and brands offered.


In 2013, Melijoe honored over 100.000 orders, generating 14 million Euros in revenue. Their success was based on the investments offered by their traditional business partner CM-CIC Capital Prive. As Melijoe is on the path to conquering the global market for luxury shopping for kids, other investors are becoming interested. Just recently, 9 million Euros were invested by Gimv, a Belgium company, to help Melijoe expand globally.