Beacon case: Museums Enter the Beacon Era with Oroundo Mobile

Vienna: Museums are often seen as places where you move around quietly admiring vestiges from times past. While nothing has changed regarding the proper etiquette when visiting museums, how you find your way around is ready to enter a new era.

Oroundo Mobile, together with a group of visual artists, self entitled Vienna Secession, has just implemented a beacon system inside the Museum of Contemporary Art to help visitors find their preferred exhibits while receiving information directly on their smartphones, via an app called Kulturapp.

screenshot Oroundo website

screenshot Oroundo website

Beacon technology is infiltrating public spaces more and more, as the need for readily available information is on the rise. With an entire generation spending more time texting and using apps more than anything else, drawing young people towards more traditional venues, such as museums, seems to be a great challenge.

This is the challenge that Oroundo Mobile and Vienna Secession is looking to overcome. Basically, when visitors with the Kulturapp installed on their smartphones move around the museum, they receive instant information regarding the exhibits around and other important details.

The Hamburg based startup Oroundo has even bigger plans, since the Vienna experiment proved to be very successful. During January and February, several museums in Germany are expected to embrace the new beacon technology and offer their visitors something fresh and exciting.

The project ran by Oroundo is still in the testing phase. Basically, the company seeks to gather feedback from the market, before pushing forward beacon technology. A basic package including 10 beacon transmitters was estimated at 3,000 Euros yearly.