Aims at Becoming the Number One Destination for Male Shoppers

Paris: The fashion industry has seemingly always chased after the female shopper, as far as the online environment is concerned. This is something seeks to do differently, since their focus is on men only and how their shopping habits are different from women. There must be at least a few things is doing well, as in 2014, the portfolio of male fashion websites operated by the company has welcomed 17 million visitors, looking for more than 400 different brands, including the ones owned by Menlook (Menlook Label, SaintSens and Estime).

Just this month, Menlook launched a new eCommerce product aimed at helping men feel even more comfortable with shopping for clothes. The product is called Georges and it basically acts as a personal stylist that provides men with fashionable choices, along with the possibility to try out a wide array of clothes and return them if they are not to their liking. The biggest catch is that the shopper’s credit card is not charged until a decision is taken, so this kind of shopping without restraints has quite a great appeal for male customers.

Recently, raised 23 million Euros in investments, involving names like IDInvest & BPIFrance that join a larger family of investors like Partech, Orkos, 123Venture, and AXA Private Equity.

The model promoted by this company is also very successful; with an average spending per customer of 210 Euros, it is quite obvious that many men with a strong sense of fashion have found their perfect online destination.