About Retail Intelligence Lab 

Retail Intelligence Lab is a european platform for new and innovative research and consultancy on retail. Our goal is to become the leading independent insights company in retail and innovation, providing companies and business professional with facts and isights. Research Intelligence Lab is not bound to a specific research methodology, only to an ambition to get companies the insights they need in a fast changing landscape. 


With out RIL blog we want to highlight new developments within the European retail landscape: new technology, business concepts and   


Retail Intelligence Lab pro-actively invests in the industry by pro-active research in order to add more fact-based insights to new and trending discussions.   


The Retail Intelligence Lab team consists out of independent business professionals from different backgrounds. Our in-house expertise: 

  • Research 
  • Web Analysis
  • Retail
  • Shopping malls
  • Marketing 
  • FMCG  
  • Online/ Mobile 
  • Apps
  • Clients 

Our clients are leading business in the Retail industry.  We help them to truly understand the market by using traditional research and analysis.  

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What can we do for you?

Want a report on what the market looks like. What about users/clients, how do they feel about new developments? You can see us as the subcontractor for all your retail insights.  


Simply write us an email info (at) retailintelligencelab.com

Or give us a call: 0031 (0) 20 8932702

Retail Intelligence Lab

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